Live stream and Chat

Welcome to the live stream of the Re-Touching McLuhan – The Medium is the Massage conference.

The stream will go live on Friday the 27th of May at 18:00* with the keynote presentation by Prof Richard Cavell. We will continue on Saturday morning at 10:30 with introductions by Stephen Kovats, Dieter Daniels and Christopher Salter, followed by presentations from Martina Leeker, Claus Pias, Katja Kwastek, Lorenz Engell, Michael Darroch, Janine Marchessault and Dieter Daniels. Each presentation will run for about 35 mins and will be followed by discussion.

Christopher Salter will be moderating the conference and is keen to make all of you feel involved in the proceedings. We encourage you to participate actively in this conference and engage in discussions with others online. If you would like to pose questions to the speakers, please feel free, and I shall do my best to get them to respond. Please note that we aim to transcribe some of your discussions and use them in a future publication on the McLuhan Centennial celebrations.

If your browser does not support the video tag, we strongly recommend that you download VLC to view the livestream and open the following network address directly with it: Or, alternatively, please download the latest version of Firefox.

The procedure to log on to the chat is very straightforward.
You can access the chat by going to the following url:
Create a nickname for yourself and the where it asks for channel, please enter

If you are already on an IRC platform, then the server and channel information is as follows:
channel: #mcluhan2011eu

You can also send us DT / direct tweets @mcluhan2011eu

My name is Lalitha and I will be moderating the discussions online throughout the day. If you have any queries or difficulty connecting to the online chat, please email me at lr[at]mcluhan2011[dot]eu

*Please note the schedule is set to Central European Summer Time, which is GMT+2 ; Vancouver (GMT-7hours); Montreal/NY ( GMT-4 Hours); Beijing (GMT +8) New Delhi (GMT+5.5 Hours); Sydney (GMT +10)

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