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Video Archive: Re-Touching McLuhan – The Medium is the Massage

Archives from 27 – 29 May 2011 (Berlin)

You can view the video documents of the entire conference below. There are four short videos of introductions by the Canadian Ambassador Peter M Boehm; the conference curator, Dieter Daniels; the McLuhan in Europe 2011 programme initiator, Stephen Kovats; and the conference moderator, Christopher Salter.
These are followed by longer videos, around 40 min to 50 min in length of each speaker’s presentation and they are listed here in the running order of the day. There are also two short video segments of the discussions that followed after each session.

We have included an unedited document of the first of the McLuminations screening and discussion series, which looks critically at some of the archival footage from the Marshall McLuhan Salon at the Canadian Embassy.

And finally, a short video of the opening of David Rokeby and Lewis Kaye’s multimedia installation, Through the Vanishing Point, which will be open to the public until 8 July 2011 at the Marshall McLuhan Salon, Embassy au Canada, Berlin.

Friday 27 May 2011
Introduction by the Ambassador Peter M Boehm
Keynote Lecture by Prof Richard Cavell: McLuhan, Tactility and the Digital

Saturday 29 May 2011
Introduction by Stephen Kovats (McLuhan in Europe 2011 Project Initiator)
Thematic Introduction by Dieter Daniels (Conference Curator)
Thematic Introduction by Christopher Salter (Moderator)
Martina Leeker: McLuhan today, seen with the eyes of 1960′s Neo-Avantgarde and contemporary Media Art
Claus Pias: From Leisure to Freedom
Katja Kwastek: Mediated Massage Embodiment, Connectedness and Alienation in New Media Art
Lorenz Engell: McLuhan as Mouse: The Tactile and the Index
Discussion I
Michael Darroch: Explorations across Anonymous History and Acoustic Space
Janine Marchessault: Topic: McLuhan’s Fair: Expo ‘67 as Counterblast
Dieter Daniels: An ear for an eye – Traveling visual, acoustic and tactile space with Marshall McLuhan, John Cage and Nam June Paik
Discussion II


Friday 27 May 2011
Ambassador Peter M Boehm – Introduction
Re-Touching McLuhan:Richard Cavell Keynote Lecture


Saturday 28 May 2011
Stephen Kovats – Introduction
Dieter Daniels (conference curator) – Thematic Introductions
Christopher Salter (Moderator) – Thematic Introductions


Conference Presentations
Martina Leeker: McLuhan Today Seen with the Eyes of 1960s Neo-Avantgarde and New Media Art
Claus Pias – From Leisure to Freedom
Katja Kwastek – Embodiment, Connectedness and Alienation in Media Art
Lorenz Engell: The Tactile and the Index
Discussion I- Martina Leeker, Claus Pias, Katja Kwastek and Lorenz Engell
Michael Darroch – Explorations Across Anonymous History and Acoustic Space380
Janine Marchessault: McLuhan’s Fair – Expo ’67 as Counterblast
Dieter Daniels: An Ear for an Eye – Travelling Visual, Acoustic & Tactile Space with McLuhan, John Cage, Nam June Paik & Walter Benjamin
Discussion II: D Daniels, J Marchessault and M Darroch


Sunday 29 May 2011
McLuminations I: McLuhan vs McLuhan (Screening and Discussion)
David Rokeby & Lewis Kaye – Through The Vanishing Point Installation Opening



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